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    A house is only as strong as its foundation, and Daniel has some fertile soil to stand on. Amid controversy, he is considered a revolutionary musician, born under a Pisces moon, Virgo sun in the Triad of North Carolina. "To be, rather than to seem" is their state motto down there, y'all. Visionary, prophetic, pure, sensitive, multi-genre, psychic and dynamic all describe Daniel Sage quite well. An intuitive mother released him from public school at 13, labeling him a "self-directed learner". Soon after, a young Daniel began traveling independently, and left home at 16 to pursue music. Along his journey he met John Hampton (The White Stripes {Grammy x2}, Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Replacements) and recorded his second full length solo record in Memphis, TN. Now 26, Sage has come full circle, and once again resides in the triad of North Carolina, returning with wilderness skills, pure intentions, and an open heart to record his third Solo statement. He plays music because of a deeper calling, an unspoken truth. He writes music because the cathartic process has saved his life.

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    Credit Ed Weedman
    Credit Ed Weedman
    Credit Ed Weedman

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    Daniel is available for concerts, table tennis lessons, and private educational consultations

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